Food List


Stay away from the following foods

Chewing gum & Bubble gum (and even sugarless)
Hard & sticky candy (Now & Laters, Taffy, Caramels)
Ice (no more chewing ice)
Hard Bread, Bagels, Pizza Crust
Fresh fruits and vegetables (like carrots and apples)
Hard Tacos, Doritos chips, Corn chips, etc
Corn on the Cob, Ribs
Pretzels, Popcorn, Nuts, Peanut Brittle Lemons (pure juice can hurt enamel) Carbonated beverages

BEFORE braces, eating a Big Mac was a process of biting and tearing. Eating a steak was a process of cutting into pieces and placing the steak into your mouth.

NOW with braces, ALL food must be eaten like a steak. Cut or tear your sandwich, soft Taco, Big Mac, cookie, into SMALL bite size pieces and then place them into your mouth. Avoid putting too much pressure on your brackets or they will eventually fall off.

ALSO keep your fingers out of tour mouth! NO biting your nails or pens, sucking fingers or playing with your braces. These are all small pressures that can loosen your brackets. Questions? contact us