Dr. Yu on Flossing, Oh, No!

Compliance with flossing is our biggest challenge. We recommend that all orthodontic patients floss once a day. You will be taught by the Registered Dental Assistant on the proper technique and different products available.

The use of a Proxy brush, Water pik and disclosing tablets can be discussed at your appointment. These can be very useful in your hygiene program if used with the proper technique.

Warning! As an Orthodontic patient, you need to be especially concerned with a possible periodontal breakdown. When a tooth is being moved and inflammation (gum infection, gingivitis) is under control, there is a balance between bone breakdown and repair. If inflammation is not well controlled, the breakdown of bone may far exceed repair and a significant periodontal problem can result.

It is recommended that Orthodontic patients have a regular professional cleaning every three to six months during active Orthodontic treatment. Don’t forget the hygiene program you have created at home for yourself will make these appointments more or less enjoyable.

Read more about options for clear aligners – these are fully removable and make flossing very fast and easy.