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My two siblings, two cousins, and myself all came to Dr. Yu for our braces.  Dr. Yu is such an awesome orthodontist and their office never fails to make me feel at home.  He definitely knows what he's doing.  He even throws a Chinese New Year party for his patients every year and it's actually cool.  Free food, giveaways, and even a tradition lion dance.  I got the Damon system and only had my braces for about one and a half years.  The Damon system is unlike traditional braces, but definitely a better choice in my opinion.  Having braces was the best choice I ever made and totally a confidence booster.

- Trayna N.


Rosie and Sharon are the best front desk staff in town! Dr Yu is a great orthodontist and very fun to work with.

- Stuart F.


I'm an adult with braces. What's worse? I was a teen with braces as well!  Kids, wear your retainers or you'll turn out like me. I had some minor imperfections (you can see in my photos that they were MINOR) that I really wanted to change, so I decided to go back to the wonderful Dr. Yu.  I got my braces last August and am really hoping to get them off ASAP since you know... I'm a starving actress that needs to work (hint hint). So I'll update once I get them off but really I have no complaints. The staff is always super friendly and professional. Dr. Yu always handles my crazy, eccentric personality perfectly and I am happy with the way my teeth are straightening out. So far, so good!

- Jenny T.